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Why radio can work for you!

In a society characterized by time poverty and hectic consumer lifestyles, Radio stays closer to the consumer for longer periods during prime buying hours than any other medium. And Radio's targetability enables you to identify, reach, and motivate your best target customers with pinpoint accuracy, efficiency, and minimum waste.

Thousands of advertisers trust Radio as their exclusive advertising choice, and many more recognize Radio's value as an accelerant in the advertising plan; like lighter fluid sprayed on softly glowing embers, Radio creates immediate spark, excitement, and-most importantly-results!

Newspaper vs. Radio  

  • Using Radio together with newspaper increases the reach of your advertisement among light readers and younger consumers and adds impact through message frequency. That means bigger and faster results.
  • In most markets, circulation is flat or declining, while paper costs and other factors continue to drive production costs up and that leads to bigger ad rates for smaller impact.
  • The paper provides information once consumers decide to buy, but it does not build brand awareness or create product demand.
  • Most people don't read all sections of the paper everyday. Ads in a given section reach only those who read that section.
  • On average 42 percent of readers will recall noting a full-page ad.
  • It's difficult to accommodate selective approaches that improve your cost efficiency and enhance frequency against clearly defined, high potential customer segments.

Cable TV vs. Radio

  • By using Radio you not only can deliver more message to your customers with greater frequency, but also can participate in special promotions that attract customers and increase sales.
  • While cable systems as a whole may reach into a large percentage of homes, their audiences are fragmented among dozens, even hundreds of channels. The average system brings its viewers 62 channel choices.

Satellite Radio vs. Radio

"No significant loss of listeners to satellite." Katz researcher Maggie Hauck says " They mostly turned to new options on the AM/FM dial. What Katz finds is that the total audience - Persons Using Radio - didn't shrink in the Winter 2006 Arbitrons. It was of 2% in New York, Long island and Chicago, and 1% in L.A.


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